Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Perry the Platypus and Friends

I like platypus' very much!  The craft platypus' I made. You need glue, paper, scissors, marker, pencil or pen.

And to start, first you need to cut out two fat strips that are the same size. Then cut out two squares. Next you glue two squares to the two strips with one square glued to a strip and another square glued to another strip. After that, glue them together to form the body. Now for the face. First for the face make the beak. Cut up, angle it, then cut down. After that, you need to draw its crack a lack'in teeth. Make it however you want! Smiling, frowning, funny laugh, or just straight. Next for the eyes. First make two circles. Then draw a simple little circle and color it inside the big circle, but don't color in the whole big circle! Then glue the two eyes on any end of a square. Then glue the beak under the eyes. Next for the tail. First for the tail cut out a beaver shaped tail. Next draw X's on the tail. After that, glue it on the the other square. Last for the feet. Make four feet. Not human like feet! Make your feet like web feet! or just original platypus feet! Then for the final... glue the feet on the the bottom strip. Then you're done!

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